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Minimal Cycling Shoe
Customize your own Minimal cycling shoe now!

*We are currently working on a design update for the Minimal, which will be available to order on March 1st, 2018

The Minimal cycling shoe is the product of a big rethinking on how cycling shoes should fit and function. Currently, cycling shoe design seems to be grounded more in tradition than in science. While that might not be bad, we thought it was worth a try to take a more experimental and scientific approach, and it seems we headed the right direction given the performance and comfort of the Minimal shoe.

When producing the Minimal shoe, we focus on the function, performance and build quality.  So the Minimal shoe has a very industrial look and feel and is free from anything that does not contribute directly to the performance of the shoe (hence the name Minimal).

Our manufacturing techniques are quite different from traditional shoes as well. For example, we are able to use more glue than almost any other cycling shoe, but you can sometimes see the glue. But we don’t worry about this because it is performance we prioritize, not aesthetics. 

Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoe

The Sole
The Minimal cycling shoe has a flat sole because feet are naturally flat. While standing, the ball of your foot, your toes, and heel all rest flat on the ground. Having toe spring and heel rise on running shoes or MTB shoes make sense because your feet actually interact with the ground, but on a road bike your feet never touch the ground. And with a flat sole, your entire foot is free to press downwards.

We use a unique carbon layup for the Minimal’s sole, with a mix of different modulus fibers, resulting in a very stiff sole and low 4.2mm stack height. The sole is currently Speedplay/SPD specific, with a LOOK adapter available separately for purchase.
Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoes
Mid Sole Cleat Position
The Minimal cycling shoe has midsole drill outs so that you have the option to place your cleats in the middle of the sole. A midsole cleat position removes the levering effect from your pedal stroke, giving you more direct power transfer into the pedal. For triathletes, field testing indicates that calves stay fresher for the run, since the midsole position uses more of your quad/hams.

Putting your cleats midsole changes your bike fit a lot. You’ll need to lower your seat a few centimeters, and it may take a few weeks to acclimate. You should definitely consult your bike fitter as well when transitioning to a midsole cleat position. An expert on midsole cleat setup is Joe Friel, we strongly recommend you check out his knowledge base here. **Please note that SPD cleats normally cannot be used in the midsole position on the Minimal. If you would like this function, which will make the entire sole SPD compatible only, please specify in your order.

Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoe Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoe
Standard Cleat Position Mid Sole Cleat Position
Adjustable Sizing  
The length of the Minimal cycling shoe adjusts when you tighten the dial. The heel pulls inward or outwards depending on your foot length then locks in place with the dial.  The heel shape is also heat moldable.
Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoes

The width of the Minimal cycling shoe can expand or stay narrow depending on your foot width. The width is controlled by a strap that passes through the sole and expands outwards for wider feet or stays in for narrower feet. The strap passing through the sole also boosts upper stiffness a lot. (Once you put the cleat on, the strap does not touch the ground).
Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoes

Toe Shape
2 options are available for the toe material.  The 1st is a hard heat moldable plastic material that when heated with a hair dryer 15cm away for about 2min will take the shape of your toes.  The 2nd is a softer non heat moldable material that has little pressure on your toes.
Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoe
Arch Support  

We do not use traditional arch support on the sole for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the sole is wide and flat, so it supports both ends of your arch very well. Secondly, we’ve found scientific research that less arch support in a shoe forces your arch to strengthen itself, and we think that’s a good thing. One paper outlining this subject is Miller et al. The effect of minimal shoes on arch structure and intrinsic foot muscle strength, Science Direct 2014;74-85

Another good quote (though not from a scientific paper) to summarize the effect of minimal arch support comes from Robyn Hughes, ND, who says "...A completely flat support platform (i.e., a flat sole) also allows the main foot arch (aka the medial longitudinal arch) to function as nature intended, which is crucial in recruiting maximum foot strength and power. The medial longitudinal arch is naturally stabilizing and strong when the foot is placed on a flat surface and when the toes are allowed (or encouraged) to splay." (Source here)
Lintaman Minimal Cycling Shoe
Traditions We Abandoned  

The following aspects of traditional cycling shoes have been removed, because we could not find direct evidence of their benefits to cycling performance: 

  • Toe Spring
  • Heel Lift
  • High Arch Support

We’ve also eliminated traditional big manufacturing steps, that have enabled us to greatly reduce costs and offer a lower retail price.


  • Fits many foot shapes
  • Fits many insoles
  • Fits many sock thicknesses
Lintaman Adjust Cycling Shoes Benefits
  • Sole: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • LOOK adapter available
  • Dials: MOZ mechanical dials (replaceable)
  • Kevlar cables wrapped in nylon
  • Upper material: synthetic leather
  • Weight: ~220g
  • Sizes: 36-48
  • Replaceable Heel Tread
  • Colors:Custom
  • Delivery time is 4-6 weeks unless we have a lot of orders. Customers will have to pay the import duty.


Size Chart
*Since the heel adjusts smaller, we usually advise ordering the half size or full size larger.
Lintaman Minimal Shoe Size Chart

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