Adjust Comp Road (Version 1.0)

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This Version 1.0 Lintaman Adjust Cycling Shoe is a semi adjustable cycling shoe with Nylon Road sole and 2 wings on the side that flex in or out to adjust to a cyclist’s foot for more comfort and better fit.  So, if a cyclist has narrow or wide feet, wears thick socks or custom insoles, the shoes adjust and still fit. The wings are made from soft yet supportive plastic, so they provide lots of support while also being comfortable.

Launched in 2014, Version 1 is still light years ahead of any other cycling shoe today in terms of fit and comfort and available now at a huge discount. The latest Adjust cycling Shoe is V.2.1 found here. Our fully adjustable cycling is the Adjust Plus found here.

Shipping worldwide, we pay the shipping, you pay the import duty.

Since this is inventory blow out, there are no returns or refunds, but not to worry, the shoes are still good! Just make sure to use the dials properly, read below.

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Width Adjustment

The width of the Adjust Cycling Shoe is controlled by a wing on the side that flexes in or out to match the width of your foot. The wing is locked in place by a toe dial. So if you have wide or narrow feet, the shoe can adjust outward or inward to match. The wing is made from soft plastic and not flimsy so it keeps your foot from sliding around.

Toe Adjustment 

The toe length of the Adjust Cycling Shoe is controlled by a wing on the front of the shoe. The toe wing is pulled back by default but comfortably flexes out if you have long toes. This wing is very supportive yet flexible, so its both comfortable and holds your foot well so you don’t lose any power. To tighten the toe wing inward, you will need to run the cable through the toe wing hook as shown.



One of the best features of the Adjust shoes is the freedom to relace the cables so that fit is customized to each individual foot.

For example:
“A” is great for wide fit
“B” is great for narrow feet
“C” is great for large girth feet



  • Fits many foot shapes
  • Fits many types of insoles
  • Fits many different sock thicknesses

Basic Spec

  • 70% nylon 6/6 and 30% fiberglass sole
  • SPD and LOOK compatible
  • ATOP mechanical dials
  • Kevlar cables wrapped in nylon
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • ~240g weight

The Dial

Be careful when using the dial on Version 1, some people use them wrong and break them. To tighten the dial, turn as much as you need. To loosen, turn ONCE, one click, backwards then pull the cable. You will break the dial if you try to turn it more than one click!

DO NOT PULL UP on the dial. These are not BOA dials, they only turn.








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