Lintaman Adjust Pro Plus


The Adjust Plus cycling shoe always fits because the length and width are adjustable, so the shoe always conforms, even with thick socks, custom insoles or different size feet.

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  • 100% carbon fiber LOOK sole
  • ATOP mechanical dials
  • Kevlar cables wrapped in nylon
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • ~240g weight
  • Replaceable heel tread

The Adjust Pro Plus is our most advanced shoe, and is the most adjustable cycling shoe ever made. The Adjust Pro Plus lets you control its length, width, and toe shape, to give you the best fit possible. No other shoe offers such levels of control and comfort, or can match your foot shape as closely.






Length adjustment

The length of the Adjust Pro Plus is controlled by a patent pending heel that can move inwards or outwards to match your foot length, locking in place with a rear dial. So if you’re a size 43.5 and put on a size 43 Adjust Pro Plus, the heel will push out to fit, and if you put on a size 40 Adjust Pro Plus, the heel will pull inward and again fit your foot.

Heel slip is not a problem anymore with the Pro Plus, because once you tighten down the heel, it stays locked to your foot. With most cycling shoes your foot can slide around inside during each pedal stroke, creating micro lag that adds up over time to become power loss. The Pro Plus removes micro lag, decreasing wasted energy. The heel can also be massively tightened to remove micro lag for an attack or sprint finish.

Width and toe adjustment

Width on the Adjust Pro Plus is controlled by a padded wing on the lateral side that flexes in or out to match the width of your foot, and is locked by a dedicated dial. For toe adjustment, the toe portion of the wing is pulled back by default, but can easily stretch outwards for longer toes.








A dial for every function

There are three dials on the Adjust Pro Plus, each corresponding to a different aspect of fit. The rear dial controls the length of the shoe, the side dial controls how tight the upper closes around your foot, and the toe dial controls the width of the shoe. 



You can customize the fit of the Adjust Pro Plus a bit further by re-lacing its cables.

Example A shows how the cable are undone in the mid section to open the area up for feet of wider girth. The shoe is still held tight at the opening and width area.

Example B shows the width dial now tracking up the shoe, giving you more control of the overall width of the shoe, great for both wide or narrow feet.


Size chart

*We recommend ordering the half or full size up, since the Pro Plus’s heel is able to adjust smaller.

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