Cycling Shoes (Factory 2nd) ADJUST V2.1 White/Navy Blue Nylon Road

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These shoes are newly made but have some kind of blemish. There is no problem with the function, but they have some visual problem like too much glue, or a small stain, or tiny mark on the upper or small wrinkle or mark on the sole etc. The kind of visual problem you get after a week of riding. So we are selling them at a great discount. We pay the shipping, you pay the import duty. This sale is not available in Japan.

Please kindly understand that because this shoe is discounted so much, we do not accept returns or exchanges. We pay the shipping, you pay the duties/taxes.

The Lintaman Adjust cycling shoe has 2 wings on the side that flex in or out to adjust to a cyclist’s foot for more comfort and better fit.

No matter narrow or wide feet, wears thick socks or custom insoles, the shoes adjust and still fit.The wings are made from flexible yet supportive TPU, they provide lots of support while riding and hold your foot firmly in place.

To fine tune the fit more, the top half of the heel is heat moldable with a hair dryer and you can also re-lace the cables different ways to make the shoe a bit wider or narrower still.

Size Chart

SIZE EU/US 37/3.5 38/4 39/5
Length cm. 23.2 23.9 24.6
Length inch. 9.13 9.4 9.7
Width is adjustable so range approx 1cm.
Width cm. 8 – 9 8.3 – 9.3 8.4 – 9.4
Width inch. 3.14~3.54 3.27~3.66 3.31~3.7


SIZE EU/US 40/6 41/7 42/8
Length cm. 25.3 26 26.6
Length inch. 9.96 10.2 10.5
Width is adjustable so range approx 1cm.
Width cm. 8.6 – 9.6 8.8 –  9.8 8.9 – 9.9
Width inch. 3.39~3.78 3.46~3.86 3.5~3.9


SIZE EU/US 43/9 44/10 45/11
Length cm. 27.3 28 28.6
Length inch. 10.7 11 11.3
Width is adjustable so range approx 1cm.
Width cm. 9.1 – 10.1 9.3 – 10.3 9.5 – 10.5
Width inch. 3.58~3.98 3.66~4.05 3.74~4.13


SIZE EU/US 46/12 47/13
Length cm. 29.3 30
Length inch. 11.5 11.8
Width is adjustable so range approx 1cm.
Width cm. 9.6 – 10.6 30
Width inch. 3.77~4.17 11.8


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Width Adjustment

The width of the Adjust Cycling Shoe is controlled by a special wing on the side that flexes in or out to match the width of your foot.This special wing is locked in place by a dial.  no matter you have wide or narrow feet, the shoe can adjust outward or inward to match.(Special wing is made from soft plastic and not flimsy so it keeps your foot from sliding around.)

Toe Adjustment

The toe length of the Adjust Cycling Shoe is controlled by a wing on the front of the shoe. The toe wing is pulled back by default but comfortably flexes out if you have long toes. This wing is very supportive yet flexible, its both comfortable and holds your foot well and you don’t lose any power. To tighten the toe wing inward, you will need to run the cable through the toe wing hook as shown below.


You can customize the fit of the Adjust cycling shoe a bit further by re-lacing the cables to fit slightly differently.

This example shows how the cable are undone in the mid section to open the area up for wide girth feet. But the shoe is still held tight at the top and width area.

This example shows how to relace the cable to pull the toe height higher (for people with taller toes)

Heat Moldable Heel

The tips of the Adjust shoe are heat moldable with a hair dryer.

If you feel their is too much heel slip, or want a tighter fit, hold a hair dryer 10cm away from the heel for 2 minutes. The heel will soften, then you can squeeze it tighter. But be careful not to burn your hands because the shoe can get hot.

Reflective Side / Rear

The side and rear of the Adjust Cycling shoe is highly reflective for safety.

The Sole

Nylon Road





We use very durable and easy to replace MOZ dials.





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Nylon Road