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Introducing the A1 cycling shoe, probably the most comfortable cycling shoe you can buy.  These shoes always fits your feet thanks to our patented adjustable length heel and a toe box that has a large mesh top that can expand greatly to fit even the widest foot. The 2 large straps shrink wrap your foot for an incredibly strong hold.

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The Adjustable Heel.

The A1 heel can adjust forward or backward to match your foot length, then lock in place with strong Velcro on the inside of the shoe.

The heel design lets you set the position once and then forget it. To set the length:

  1. Put the shoe on.
  2. Separate the arms of the heel cup from the Velcro.
  3. Push the heel in or pull it out to your desired fit.
  4. Then release the arms of the heel and let it stick to the Velcro again. Now the heel is set and you can tighten the rear strap and ride.
  5. Adjust the heel if needed during the first few days of riding, once its set though, you should not need to adjust the heel position again.
  6. Note: your left and right feet are different lenghts, so the left and right heels may be set up differently.

You can also pivot the heel inward to hold your foot more firmly (great for racing) or pivot the heel upwards for greater comfort such as in a casual ride.

To extend the heel further back, pull the stopper outside the shoe. This will further lengthen the shoe and can pivot the heel even more providing great heel hold and lock down.

Shrink Wrap Fit.

The 2 main straps cover most of the foot and tighten down to create a shrink wrap fit with just a single dial at the rear.  The inner side of the shoe along with the straps are supple, allowing them to fit the contour of your foot.

This shrink wrap design reduces any gaps between your foot and the shoe, giving you an extremely comfortable fit and no power loss.

Shoe Width.

The toe area of the A1 cycling shoe has a large mesh area that can stretch out to fit almost any foot shape comfortably.  Additionally the mesh helps to lower the weight and provide great ventilation.

This design prevents hotspots, numbness and your toes from squeezing together.

Outsole options.

Nylon/Fiberglass MTB (2 bolt cleats)
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