Introducing the
Lintaman ADJUST
cycling shoe.

Feet come in all shapes and sizes.

Customize the perfect fit for
you anytime, anywhere, with
the ADJUST cycling shoe.


Just put on the correct shoe size and tighten the dials until comfortable.
Wings on the front and side independently flex outwards or inwards to match your foot shape, and they’re made from a soft formula of TPU which provides great support.

Big Toe Area
This area covers your big toe and can comfortably stretch out around one shoe size if your big toe is long.

Inner Side
The one piece inner side gently wraps your foot like a sock and holds it snug. The soft and supple material feels great on long rides.

Front Wing
The front wing can flex out to fit longer toes or flex inward for shorter toes by tightening the dial. But don’t over tighten!

Side Wing
The side wing can flex out with wider feet or flex inward for narrow feet by tightening the dial.

Mesh Liner
Below the wings is a layer of stretchy mesh that fits the contour shape of your foot.


Your big toe sits behind this covered area.

Your second to fifth toes sit behind this front wing.

The side wing lines up with the 5th metatarsal bone and is ergonomically shaped so the bone sits comfortably in the wing without pressure.


The Adjust cycling shoe can fit your foot more naturally by inserting naturally shaped insoles. A natural shaped insole is wider and helps your toes point in a more natural direction.


When you put the natural shaped insole into the shoe, it will push the wings outwards, giving your toes room to move.

Alternatively if you don’t have a natural shape insole, simply don’t tighten the front wing. Your toes will be free to push the wing out as you pedal. It may not be as naturally shaped as the insole but still works well.


Super Wide Foot

Medium Foot Width

Natural Toe Alignment

Top cable tightens shoe only.

Hold width wing by elastic, allowing extra wide feet to fit well.

Toe cable controls toe shape only.

Top cable tightens the shoe and width together.

Toe cable controls toe shape only.

Top cable tightens shoe only.

Toe cable controls width only.

Hold toe wing by elastic. This allows your toes to align more naturally.


Fits all different widths and sizes of feet and insoles

Easily adjustable anytime, anywhere

Fits thicker cycling socks